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While we never expected to be opening during a pandemic, be assured that nothing is more important to us than creating a safe environment for our team, our guests, and our community. 

We are beyond excited to open our doors and become part of the Capitol Hill community. Our  doors are now open for distant dining.  

 Let’s get down to business and talk about Safety. Here are the steps we are taking:

 Clean House

  • Cleaning takes place throughout the day in our kitchens and our ordering and pickup areas, as well as our outside dining areas.

  • Our new air system is always circulating fresh air; no recycled air particles! Our air system also feature Synexis technology, to help in mitigating pathogens.

 Go Team!

  • If any member of our team doesn’t feel well, they stay home. 

  • Our team has daily wellness and temperature checks and follows routine hand washing policies.

  • Training and resources are available to help our crew understand safety procedures, hygiene, and sanitation.

  • Schedules and space are provided for our staff to maintain physical distancing during work and breaks.

 Mask Up

  • We will have protective face coverings on at all times to ensure everyone’s safety.

  • We require our guests to wear masks, as well, to help keep everyone safe. 

  • Please only remove your mask to eat and drink. We sincerely appreciate guests putting their masks back on when using the restroom or when our team approaches the table.

 Together (but Apart)

  • Reservations are available for our "distant dining service".  Check in with us inside, QR codes are on the tables for orders to be places.  

  • We ask for quests to order as they go, we will bring items to the table and limit contact so guests can enjoy their time.  

  • All patio and indoor tables will be spaced at least 6 feet apart.  

  • We ask our guests to remain socially distanced while in our space or on the patio.  Remained seated unless there is a trip to the restrooms.

  • Contactless ordering and payment options are available

  • Parties are limited to groups of 6.

  • We will have some reservations available through our website and also tables for walk ins.  We ask you to arrive with your entire party and agree to stay no longer than 75 minutes past your seating time (following all the guidelines)

 Not Feelin’ it? 

  • Please stay home if you or anyone you live with are experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19, waiting for test results, or have been in contact with someone exposed to COVID-19. We’ll gladly set up delivery! 


If COVID Exposure Occurs...

  • While we follow all safety protocols in our restaurants, our team members may still face exposure to COVID-19 outside the restaurant, and a positive COVID-19 test result could occur, even with no symptoms.  When this happens, our commitment is to be as transparent as possible with our community and to address the situation quickly.

  • We will immediately alert our team and assist those who were in proximity to the positive team member in getting tested. We will report the positive case to the DC Board of Health and, if that staff member was recently in the restaurant, we will close the restaurant while we await our team’s test results. During that time, we will conduct a thorough cleaning of the restaurant.

  • We will follow the recommendations of the DC Board of Health and the CDC in necessary quarantine measures.  

  • We will alert our community through notification on our website and social media channels.

  • In terms of exposure to our guests, according to the CDC, the risk of getting sick with COVID-19 from eating or handling food packages is considered very low. We are happy to answer questions that might pertain to your recent visit to the restaurant, however we will not be able to disclose the identity of our team member who has tested positive.

Let’s Stay In Touch!

  • We will be collecting contact details from one person in each party to ensure that we can employ accurate and complete contact tracing.

However you decide to enjoy our food, know that we are doing everything we can to ensure it is the safest (and most fun!) experience possible for our team, our guests, and our community. See you (and your masked faces) soon!

            -The Team at The Duck & The Peach